Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Quick Classroom Tour 2015-2016

Wow! Today started the 3rd week of school! I have been staying later than I have in a few years getting things ready for the next day/week, and it is wearing me out! My hubs isn't too happy about it either, because it leaves him with our girls longer than it used to.  I keep telling him, and myself, once I get into a good routine it will get better.  Right? Let's hope.

So I am IN LOVE with how my room turned out this year! And my kiddos love it, which makes it all worth it!

This is the view from the front door.  

This sign is on my door. I made it using the poster maker at school.

My math workshop rotational board. We are starting tomorrow, so pray for me!!

On this bulletin board I will hang anchor charts that we are no longer using.  That way students can go back and review them if they need to during their spiral work.

This bulletin board is by my desk.  It houses the calendar, and now it also houses our schedule and resource schedule.  

These pictures show my tables that I painted using dry erase paint.  I LOVE THESE!! This has made math so much fun! The students can't wait to work out their problems on the tables! Let's just hope that lasts!

Classroom library and bookshelves holding math manipulatives.

This is my small group table.  I cut the word AREA out and posted it on my back door.  I printed a bunch of PERIMETER words and posted them around the back door, so the kids will see a visual every single day.

My desk.  It's already not that clean :(

I re-did my tool box and added my monogram using my silhouette!

I also re-did my Copy, File, Grade box. 

My new pennets! Love how they turned out!

So that's it!! Hope you enjoyed it!