Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Sorry I've been MIA for a while....this year is STRESSFUL to say the least!  WOW is all I can say! 

Anyways, I was lucky enough for Christmas to get an iPad2 from Santa :)  I had written a grant to get some in my classroom and didn't receive it :( but now I have ONE!  Needless to say, 24 students can't share 1 iPad.  SO, this is where the help comes in.  I asked the computer man (notice not "tech guy") how I can connect my iPad to my projector to show the AWESOME apps made for education!  He tells me to download the airdisplay app for $10.  He's the computer man, so he should know right? RIGHT? WRONG!!  All AirDisplay does is allow me to use my iPad as a 2nd monitor....meaning I'm only seeing what I would normally see on my laptop.  AND he doesn't even have that working correctly....I only get a blank blue screen on my iPad. :(

SO...I took this into my own hands and did a bit of research.  I googled how to connect iPad to Smart Board, and basically I can use my smart board just as a screen to show my apps (not interactively) but I need to get an adapter.  Does anyone know if my iPad will still be wireless at this point?  I think it said a VGA Adapter.  I don't want to run a cord all over my classroom.

Any help you guys have with how to use iPads in the classroom would be GREAT!! THANK YOU!!

Hope everyone's New Year is off to a great start! My kids students started off well, but that lasted all of TWO DAYS! Pray for me! SERIOUSLY!


  1. I've Al's been trying to do this, but have not had luck! I do really like the app splashpad. It will allow u to remote access your computer and use the iPad to direct your smart board.

  2. I will be monitoring this post...I also would like to use my ipad and the smartboard...but sadly there is no usb port to connect the ipad to the smartboard. I have found some of the same apps for my macbook pro that I have on my ipad ...stack the states & presidents and aliens are just a few my students enjoy on the smartboard (and if you use icloud, you don't have to purchase them twice).


  3. You can connect it with a VGA cable, which is fairly short so you will not be able to still move around the class with it. This will allow you to use any content on your iPad and have it projected.

    There are tons of free apps out there that can turn your iPad into a whiteboard that you can then project on the screen. But you're still tethered.

    The best app I've seen for what you want is the app Splashtop Whiteboard ($19.99)allows any iPad to connect to a desktop computer wirelessly to remotely use any desktop applications. The nice part, and what you are looking for, is that it will let you use the Promethean software through the iPad. Thus, you can walk around the room, still use your interactive board, and even hand the iPad off to a student to allow them to create content on the board. You can also play Flash files through the iPad onto the board with this.

    You can also use the app Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad ($4.99), which will still do everything described above, but it doesn't allow for the full use of any interactive whiteboard systems, (i.e. your Promethean board).

    1. Thanks! Do you happen to know if I can use SMART Notebook software thru the iPad? I don't have Promethean.

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  6. There is a thing called a dongle (I think that is the spelling) cord. We have one and it works with the smartboard/projector. The interactive smartboard allows the children to be interactive with it.