Monday, June 15, 2015

Change is in the AIR....

Change: It's a word that send mixed emotions.  Some people love tradition and hate change...others change all the time! Me...I'm not great with change, but I know it has to happen.  This change though, I'm A-OKAY with!

Two years ago, my administrators decided to departmentalize grades 3-5.  I volunteered to teach writing, because the other math teacher had been teaching for over 30 years, and I wasn't about to take his favorite away from him right before he retired! But then he retired, and my administrators moved a teacher down from 5th grade to take over math...which meant I was stuck with writing again.  Don't get me wrong, I like writing, but I LOVE MATH.  My brain just gets so excited when math problems are thrown at it...and I feel so excited about teaching when I am teaching math! So, my principal got transferred to another school for the upcoming year, and my AP is now our principal! And she gave me Math back! Did I mention I love her?!?

I haven't taught math since we started Common Core, so I will be stalking blogs like crazy for ideas! I am currently reading Guided Math, as I am hoping (fingers crossed) to implement it into my classroom for this coming year.  Please send me your success stories (and what wasn't successful)...I know a lot of you did a book study on this book a couple of years back, so I will probably go back and re-read those for some ideas!

Another change: Since I am now solely a math teacher, I changed the name of my blog to Everyday I'm Calculatin'....The blog will be getting an update soon! I'm so excited!

I don't even want to look at when the last time I blogged was! I would like to say it will get better, but no promises! With 2 kids, aged 2 and 1, it's going to be a busy summer! I am hoping to at least get some blogging done during nap time! That is if I can get them to take a nap at the same time :)

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