Friday, July 3, 2015

Five for Friday

Hi y'all! I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday!


Let's get this party started shall we??


We had VBS at my church this week.  The theme was Journey Off the Map.  I did music/dance, and boy am I tired and sore!
We had 288 this week! I couldn't believe it! And 48 kiddos gave their life to Christ! Awesome sauce!!


I know I already talked about this in my Currently, but I am still so excited about my new blog header!! I couldn't have done any better myself (and let's face it...I couldn't have done it myself at all, thus asking Megan!) Seriously...if y'all need help/new design, run, don't walk, to Megan's site.  


I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday to purchase some new fabric for a bunting in my classroom! That was definitely one of the most fun projects in my room with my old color scheme, so I HAVE to replace it with a new one!!

Here is the old one: I'll post the new one to Monday Made It when I get it finished!


My sweet baby girl turned one this week! She isn't quite walking yet, but boy can she talk up a storm! She and my oldest are 14 months apart, and they LOVE each other so much! It warms my heart to see them hug and kiss all the time, and to see my oldest tell her little sissy it will be okay when she gets upset!


Today we went to visit with a childhood friend of my husbands.  He and his wife had a baby girl in February, and he found out about a month ago he has testicular cancer.  I have never really interacted with someone going through treatment for cancer, especially someone so young.  He is really strong, and his spirits are high, determined to beat this.  So is his wife, but she did have a mini-meltdown today.  I can't imagine having to go through this, especially with an infant to take care of also.  So I ask you guys to please keep them in your prayers.  It would mean the world to them.

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