Saturday, August 17, 2013

Anchor Charts's that time.  Monday is my day to start back to school.  The kiddos don't come until the 26th though.  I went out to school all last week to work in my room, and I'm glad I did b/c 1- we have a TON of Professional Development next week, and 2- my mom had some mini strokes yesterday so I will be zipping out of work to get to her every day next week.  My room isn't completely finished, but I should be able to finish it Monday afternoon.  At least I hope!

As most of you know, this year I will be teaching writing to the entire 4th grade.  I will have FIVE blocks.  Count em...ONE..TWO...THREE...FOUR...FIVE!  It got me thinking about anchor charts.  I'm not going to have enough space in my room for five classes worth of anchor charts, much less want to write them that many times!  Then I ran across this post from Ladybug Teaching Files. I LOVE how Kristen makes hers on the computer! I think I will do that, and teach them how to use PowerPoint at the same time!

How do you use anchor charts?

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  1. Hi there! Hope you are able to get back to your blog soon... I'm just saying Hi and checking out all of my fellow NC teacher/bloggers.
    Dirt Road Teacher