Friday, August 26, 2011

2nd Day of School: Hurricane Day!

Well, we got an email yesterday at school telling us that TODAY would be an early release thanks to Hurricane Irene.  Then we got a call about 9:30 last night telling us schools would be closed and that teachers had an optional day til noon.  The winds were expected to start around noon, so they knew buses couldn't get onto the beaches.  So here I am, 12:30 in the afternoon sitting on my couch watching the Weather Channel to see exactly what this storm is going to do! On a brighter note, I got to get my plans finished for next week, as well as a couple of lessons on my SMART board :) The gusts have picked up, so I'm going to cozy up and get ready for a long nap during this thing!

If any of you live on the coast and are expecting this storm, STAY SAFE!! I'll probably be without power for a bit during/after, so I'll post results/pictures when I can!!

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  1. It's just hot and dry here in SW Nebraska. We have 102 temps the other day...but no early release. I have a window air conditioner...but I was sweating all day.

    Stay safe...I'm working on lesson plans tomorrow :) ❤Pat

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