Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day of School!!!

Well, today was the first day for the kiddos! It was a pretty good day! My class make up is definitely different than last year, but all in all it was good! My teammate and I switched after lunch so we could go over rules and procedures with both classes.  WOW what a difference that was! This is my first year team teaching, and after planning and working thru the day, I honestly think I am going to LOVE IT! It was soooo nice to only plan for 2 subjects, which is basically the morning, and then just repeat it again in the afternoon!

Anyways, I haven't gotten around to posting finished pictures of my classroom, so here they are!! Hope you enjoy! I got the stool idea and the "where are we" idea from Pinkture Perfect.  I got the polka dot stuff on the walls from Teaching in Flip Flops.
Front of Class...LOVE my Smart Board :)

 My personal area...
 Computer Area
 Table in Math Center...with Awesome Bucket Seats!
 Math Games!
 Math Manipulatives
 Where Are We? Sign-Out Board
 SS Center.  I will post labels under the symbols once we study them!
 Student Desks
 View From Door

Hope everyone has/had a GREAT first day back!


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