Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Positive Behavior

Next week, I will be attending a PBIS (Positive Behavior) workshop in Greensboro, NC.  Our school is sending a team to the workshop, to learn all about it, and come back and present and implement the program at our school.  We are a PBIS school, but I guess this is a refresher?  This all started before I started teaching, and I never had any training in it, so I volunteered to go.  I learn better when I hear it directly, not second hand ;-) 

So I was wondering, do any of you work in a PBIS environment, and if so, what should I expect to get out of this workshop?  I am all for creating a positive environment in my classroom, and I feel like I already do, but at the same time kids need consequences for their negative behavior.  Each year it seems like more and more consequences are taken away, and students feel like they can do whatever they like.  I just hope this doesn't encourage that more.

Are any of you in NC attending this workshop next week? If so, I'd love to meet up and chat for a while!

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  1. I live in Winston Salem (about 25 minutes way from where the conference is). I will be a first year teacher and my new school is a PBIS school as well. I don't really know much about it except for what I have read online. I would love to hear about what you learn at the conference. Have fun!

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