Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Classroom Reveal

Well, it's the third day with the kids.  I have some sweetie pies....29 in each class! Let's just say, it gets loud quick, and that can get on my nerves :(  But did I mention they are sweet? So that helps them out! But yesterday I was EXHAUSTED...I didn't even get to finish watching Jeopardy! I was in the bed by 8, and out like a light by 8:30.  My hubs said he had to wake me up because when he came to bed, I was sprawled out on his side! I don't even remember that, so you KNOW I was tired!!

Anyways, sorry it took me so long to do my classroom reveal.  Last week was HECTIC trying to figure out everyone's schedule.  We have 5 groups of 4th grade, and they are going ALL OVER THE PLACE! I have a homeroom class, and then at 8:15 they disperse to their assigned classes.  Kind of like middle school....

So here is my room.  I am going to apologize ahead of time for the quality of pictures.  I used instagram on my phone.


This is outside of my door. Students will sign the posters when they master that particular lesson of Multiplication in 7 days. I got the signs from Teaching 4 Real. 

Door...self explanatory.  I got the banner from Clutter Free Classroom, and I used my Cricut to cut out the letters for my sign :)


View from Front Door


My Area


Computers, with my crate seats.  I have to figure out something to put on that wall. It is driving me nuts!


My table that I covered in contact paper (Thanks Kristen!), and up top will be where I put my I Can 
statements that we have mastered! I purchased them from Terri Thorton at The Creative Apple!


My pride and window/reading area turned out EXACTLY how I had imagined it!  You can read about the bunting in a previous post...but shout out to my Mother in Law for helping me make it!


Bookshelf that hubby made for me! I just numbered the book baskets, because I don't teach reading, so I just put in books that the kids love to read! 


Math corner.  I have my manipulatives and games stored here.  


My whiteboard that I don't use, so it has my HW, which resource we have that day (labels from kristen), behavior chart I got last year from Teaching in Flip Flops, my calendar and the months I made, and my how we go home.  Since we are switching classes, I don't necessarily have my home room at the end of the day, so I haven't quite figured out how I will use that yet.  We shall see. 


My Boggle Math board (I found this on 4th Grade Frolics website, but I know she got it from somewhere else.  Just can't remember who right now!)  And the black one will be where my Math Vocab will go! It will be separated by domain.  I got that from Terri Thornton as well. Oh, and don't mind the emptiness of this bookcase.  I have housed their Social Studies books there now.  


Front of the room!  My rules are hanging up, and my hall pass sign! You can see my Math Alphabet up there also!  The front bulletin board will house the I Can statements we are working on, and then I will move them to the back when we are finished. 

Well there you have it!  That is a full circle of my room! I am VERY PROUD of how this turned out!  Almost every teacher in the school has come by to look at it!  Even teachers from other schools have said they have heard about just makes my heart flutter :) But I must say, I couldn't have done it without you guys and pinterest!   


  1. Your room is awesome!!

  2. I love your color choices! Nice job.

    Tales From Rm 17!

  3. So cute! Thanks for the shout-out on the 'I Cans' and vocab. I'm using the vocab in my class and I love them!