Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Made It

Hey gang! I'm FINALLY linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It! I have been wanting to post some of this for a couple of weeks, but with family in town, I've just been too busy! So this is going to be a LONG post :)   Please bare with me...


1- I finally got around to printing out my practical items!  So after cutting, some gluing, laminating, and cutting yet again, here it is!! 

I have my months, welcome banner, how to get home cards, multiplication in 7 days cards (SEE HERE), rules, and bright special signs!

2- No Name Sign...A lot of you have made this, so it's self explanatory :)

3- I saw on someone's blog (sorry, I forgot who!...I'm bad at that.  Let me know and I'll link it up!)  for a container to hold earphones.  I HAD to make one :)  My school has earphones in the labs, but a lot are broken, AND they are the type that go over the head.  Last year, I had 2 students who had A LOT of lice cases...needless to say, I don't think that's very sanitary to share things that go on your head!  It's also not for ears either probably, so I got the idea of getting each of my students their own earbuds! They are $1 at Dollar Tree, so I won't be out of a ton of money.  Each student will have their own pair, and I can sanitize at the end of the year, OR they can take them home and I will just get new ones each year.  If something happens to a pair, I'm only out a dollar.  

4- Math Alphabet- From Little Lovely Learners

Anyways, she made a Math Alphabet.  Each of the letters has a corresponding picture that is math related! And since I am only teaching math this year (HALLELUJAH!) I figured this was PERFECT!  I almost got Kristen's flipped alphabet, because it is super cute, but I had to go with the Math! So Kristen, if you decide to flip these, I will be your first customer :)

 5- Remember that bookshelf/bench I have been talking about? Well...I found something at Target that I just knew would work! It totally didn't.  I was sitting in the floor of my classroom having a break down, and my husband told me he could make one.  I didn't believe him.  Sad, isn't it?  Let's just say, I have a memory of arguing over putting up shelves and pictures wrong, so I was a lot a little concerned with building a bookcase from scratch.  But, I didn't really have a choice, did I? 
TA DA! He did good didn't he? :)  So then, I had him cut a piece of plywood the same length as the top, I cut a mattress pad for the foam, and covered it with fabric! You will see the finished product in just a bit.

THEN...I got my mother-in-law to help me with a pennant string for my window.  I got the inspiration from Peace, Love, 2 Sisters.  I wish I would've taken pictures of the process, but we followed her instructions, so you can just check hers out!  The only thing we did different was, instead of the wonder under, we used interfacing.  Saved us a step of sewing the triangles together...we could just iron them on.  We cut 96 triangles, 96 interfacing triangles, ironed, and then sewed them to the bias tape.  It took us pretty much ALL day, but it is worth it!
See the bench?  I had enough pennant to do my windows, go across my white board, and across a little open cabinet in my room.  Better to have too many, than not enough :) 

So that's my Monday Made It!  One is just a sneak peak of my classroom.  I am going back tomorrow to work some more, and then I am staying away until I have to be there next Monday.  Most of it is done, I just have to do some finishing touches, but I probably won't do my reveal until next week.  I need some bigger things laminated, so that will have to work until we go back for real.  

Hope you enjoyed! Go check out everyone else's Monday Made Its!


  1. Such cute ideas...You were really creative with your classroom signs...I love the colors and shapes of the class rules...What is Multiplucation in 7 Days? So you have a link for that?

    Your Newest follower,
    Miss Milton's Memoirs

  2. Everything looks cute. I am thinking you probably found the math letter alphabet from Little Lovely Leaders :)

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  3. @Charell- It is a book, that helps them learn their facts in 7 days. Here it is on Amazon:

    @Heidi: That is exactly who it was! Thank you! I updated :)

  4. Love all of your Monday made-its. Great job! The bench turned out awesome.

  5. I am in the process of trying to make bookshelves for my classroom and yours' look perfect! What are the dimensions for your bookshelf? How deep did your husband make them so that your book baskets would fit in them? Thank you for your help!!


  6. He used 1x8 white pine and I'm pretty sure the long pieces are 72in long, but I can measure for you when I get back into my class. The baskets I got from dollar tree.

  7. Thank you for your response! That really gives me a place to start. I'm hoping to build my bookshelves this upcoming weekend....I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!