Sunday, August 19, 2012

It's over....

Well, tomorrow starts my School Year, which means the end of summer :(  I guess technically WEDNESDAY starts my School Year, as tomorrow and Tuesday are optional days, but really? Open House is would I get everything complete WITH a half day meeting on Wednesday, if I didn't go Monday and Tuesday?  I would LOVE to know who wrote this calendar right about now ;-) room is almost complete.  Just a few finishing touches, and I will be ready to reveal to bloggy land! I can't wait! I LOVE the way it has turned out so far!

Good luck to those of you already with your kiddos, and to those who start back this week like me! The rest of y'all still on summer break...well you know what you can do ;-) J/K!


  1. It's so sad seeing summer coming to an end! Best of luck in your new year!!!

  2. We started back with kiddos today and I am just exhausted tonight! Ha! :) Our Open House is on Thursday, too. Good luck with yours!

  3. Hope it was a great first day!