Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Quietest Pencil Sharpener EVER!!!

Hey gang! I want to take this time to write a quick review for The Quietest Pencil Sharpener EVER!

 Groovy Green

 I had seen some teachers post about these sharpeners, and have to admit, I was a little skeptical.  This is because I went thru FIVE pencil sharpeners last year! I don't know what those students did, but they broke every. single. one.

So when I heard about this awesome sharpener, I thought to myself YEA RIGHT.  But alas, I broke down and gave it a try.  I received it in the mail, and immediately got it out to try.  I followed the instructions on the video on their website, and it truly worked! (Click HERE to access video) It was quiet, AND I had never seen a pencil so sharp!  But I still needed this to pass the kid test....and boy did it! I took them a while to grasp HOW it works...they wanted to just turn the handle and hold the pencil, like you do the wall sharpeners.  Now that they have though, they LOVE it! They are always amazed at how sharp the point it! I catch them talking about that a lot more than you would think :)

In the meantime, I WON another pencil sharpener from Elizabeth at Fun in Room 4B.  So now, if my kids decide to break use my sharpener until it is on its death bed, I will have a replacement! 


  1. I got one of these this summer and haven't stopped talking about it. I swear I could spear a fish with these babies! The pencils are so sharp and my arms don't sting when I'm done sharpening.

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  3. What brand are these? What store did you buy it at?