Sunday, July 24, 2011

SMART Board!!

Ahhhhh I am so excited! I get to have a training session with The Schroeder Page on Thursday! I wrote a grant last year and received my SMART board, and I LOVE IT!!

However, it was late in the year when I got it, so I pretty much just used lessons off of the exchange :(.  I tried to create some of my own, but I didn't know all of the ins and outs, so they weren't as great as I knew they could be!! I went to a training at the beginning of summer offered by my district, but sadly, didn't learn a whole lot.   Then I saw that Schroeder offers SMART board boot camp! I emailed my principal immediately about setting something up! So hopefully we still will! But in the mean time, she now can connect to your computer and do a video chat and training ON LINE!! AWESOME! So I am training with her this week so that I can get a head start on the upcoming school year! I still hope to get the all day training fingers crossed :)


  1. Nice! I just stumbled across your blog. I love my SMART board. I use the exchange a lot in interest of time. I also found ALOT of great templates (for the entire 5th grade Every Day Math curric.) using good ol'google.


  2. I have to remember to visit the Schroder Page...I have a smart board but have no idea what to do with it, once it is set up.

    I'm exited to have found another 4th grade blog!! YAY for 4th grade!

    Mrs. Sphon's Adventures in 4th

  3. I feel like I'm you. I have a smartboard, but during the year I just don't have time to make new lessons using it. I guess I need to get serious about obtaining training.


    A Time to Share & Create


    Fabulous 4th Grade

  4. I have my training session tomorrow morning, so I will come post how it went afterwards!

    Jen, we use Pearson EnVision math here...once I get the hang of creating lessons, I will be sure to post some. Maybe you will be able to use some with your Everyday Math.

    What program do y'all use Pat?

  5. Jen...JK! I just realized the person above you posted about Everyday Math! Which program do y'all use?