Thursday, July 14, 2011

Top Ten Things About Me!!

Top Ten Things About Me!!
10. I love math! I am so excited to be team teaching this year so I get to teach math almost ALL DAY!!!
9. I am now a blog stalker! I have found so many wonderful resources.
8. I am learning how to use a blog...I'm getting the hang of it!
7. My favorite stores are Target, New River Pottery, and The Dollar Tree for school stuff!!
6. I got married April 10th!!
5. I have been dancing for 25 years :)
4. My favorite television shows are:  One Life to Live, Friends, and America's Got Talent
3.   This will be my 6th year teaching! I have taught Kindergarten, 5th, and 4th.  Fourth grade has definitely been my favorite!!
2.   Straight lines are my favorite. I drive my husband crazy because everything has to be JUST STRAIGHT!!
1.  I don't have any children...just a 4-legged child named Piper! She is a Toy Poodle and is oh so cute!


  1. Welcome to blogging!!! Now you will be even more addicted like me :)

  2. Yes I know! It's crazy that I sit here and look at all of these fabulous ideas! I already have a list of things to get when I head to craft store next week :-)